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‘What is unsaid can be as important as what is said.’

Remember the Nine Axioms of Communication we covered last week?  One of the Axioms is “Communication is frequently ambiguous: what is unsaid can be as important as what is said” (MacLennan 2009).

Communication theorist Nick Morgan has a post on his blog today that describes why it is so important to pay attention to the non-verbal messages we send. From his post:

Our unconscious minds are very good at reading the intent of the people who come within our sphere of awareness.  And when they’re talking at us, we unconsciously compare words and body language.  When they’re aligned, we get the communication.  When they’re not aligned, we believe the body language.

Check out his blog entry for an example of a British politician who had his ‘unsaid’ message be heard more loudly than the words of his speech.

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