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Public speaking resources

It’s about a week or so before our public speaking rounds begin, so here are some resources to help you plan and practice your speech:

  • and finally, check out this TEDxFlanders talk on public speaking by Lars Sudmann

If you’re still looking for more resources as you prepare for your speech, feel free to check out the class blog for RCM 401: Oral Rhetoric — there’s even more links/videos available over there!


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Email tips

When it comes to professional communication, email can be both an positive asset and a difficult communication medium.  Here are some tips on how to be a better, more rhetorical, communicator when it comes to your electronic communication.

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Who is saying what, to whom, and why?

Here’s something you’ll all recognize:

How do the modes of appeal work in this ad?  Is there any accidental/expressive/rhetorical communication taking place?

Look around you, rhetoric is all around us!


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