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The job package

It’s time for the first big assignment in RCM 300: the job package! As you prepare, make sure to find a job that is well suited to what you are currently studying in your discipline. Even if you don’t have a lot of on-the-job experience, try to target your experience and knowledge to what the employer is looking for.

A good place to start looking for job ads is on the Student Employment and Career Centre website (their Facebook page is also full of tips and funny articles about the job application process).  Often employers will post ads on the SECC site that they won’t list anywhere else.  Also on the SECC site you’ll find help with your cover letters and resumes.

A couple other links to consider as you work on this assignment:

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Writing a cover letter

Here are some additional websites that will offer you some additional tips when it comes to writing a cover letter:

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