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It’s like Facebook for University

I’m trying something new in my classes this term. In addition to this blog, I’m trying out the Piazza service, which is a question-and-answer system designed to streamline class discussion outside of the classroom.

Piazza is a relatively new service, and you can read all about its beginnings in this New York Times article.  I hope that it’ll be a useful tool for all of you to use — it’s a way for you to ask questions and answer them, collaboratively.  Often the question you ask will be the exact question that someone else in the class has about the assignment, or the theory we’ve gone over.  So, ask away!

There’s even an option to ask questions anonymously, so if you have a burning question that you don’t want associated with your name, feel free to ask it. (I will have moderating abilities to censor any inappropriate questions or responses)

Have fun with it!

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