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This blog has moved!

The web address for the RCM 300 course blog is now at
See you over there!

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Welcome, summer session of RCM 300!

This is the blog we will use in addition to our class sessions.  This site is where you’ll find additional resources to help you better understand the course material.

The blog started in January of 2012, so feel free to peruse the archives or the tags/categories to find links, videos, and articles that have already been posted.

You can also check out our Twitter account for more interesting articles/info that are related to our course.

As part of your ‘professionalism’ mark for the course, you can participate in an online discussion of the posts here on the blog — or feel free to submit something you would like to share!


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Keep Calm and Carry on

Happy end-of-term! Here are some due dates to keep in mind:

  • Monday, April 9: Final portfolio due
  • Monday, April 16: Formal research report due
  • Tuesday, April 24th @ 9AM: Final exam in the Education gym


Good luck with your assignments! Feel free to email me if you need help, or post a question on Piazza.

(and in case you’re wondering about the history of the phrase for the title of this post, here’s a great video that explains the power of communication in difficult times:)


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College of Engineering’s Centennial Celebration

This morning I helped some College administrators set up a Facebook page that will list all sorts of information for the upcoming centennial celebrations in the College of Engineering. If you’re on Facebook, go check out the page and ‘like’ it!

Other U of S Facebook pages of interest:

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Welcome back from Reading Week

Hopefully you all survived the infamous ‘Sasquatectwan Screamer’ that found us all at the end of our break. Can you spy the other typo? This picture is from a Spokane, Washington TV station.

Remember, this week is our library research session:

  • For Thursday’s section, we’ll meet at 11:30 in Murray Building 161
  • and for Friday’s section, we’ll meet at 1:30 also in Murray 161

Attendance is required for the sessions, and it should give you all some great tips on how to find sources for the final report, due at the end of the term.



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It’s like Facebook for University

I’m trying something new in my classes this term. In addition to this blog, I’m trying out the Piazza service, which is a question-and-answer system designed to streamline class discussion outside of the classroom.

Piazza is a relatively new service, and you can read all about its beginnings in this New York Times article.  I hope that it’ll be a useful tool for all of you to use — it’s a way for you to ask questions and answer them, collaboratively.  Often the question you ask will be the exact question that someone else in the class has about the assignment, or the theory we’ve gone over.  So, ask away!

There’s even an option to ask questions anonymously, so if you have a burning question that you don’t want associated with your name, feel free to ask it. (I will have moderating abilities to censor any inappropriate questions or responses)

Have fun with it!

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Welcome to the blog for the RCM 300 blog for sections 26 and 14!  This will be a place for me to post links, followup materials, and videos/talks that will help enhance your RCM 300 experience. At minimum, I’ll post once a week — but I may post more, depending on what interesting materials I come across!  This site should be viewable both from your computer and from mobile devices.

Feel free to add your input in the comments section of the posts, and I’ll count your contributions toward your “professionalism” mark for the end of term. Make sure to identify yourself with your first name and last name initial, so I can keep track of who’s commenting.

If you come across an interesting link that will add to RCM 300, feel free to email me and I’ll pass it along!


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