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College of Engineering’s Centennial Celebration

This morning I helped some College administrators set up a Facebook page that will list all sorts of information for the upcoming centennial celebrations in the College of Engineering. If you’re on Facebook, go check out the page and ‘like’ it!

Other U of S Facebook pages of interest:


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Resources for week 2 of speech rounds:

For those of you who are preparing your speeches:

  • 8 Steps to Practicing a Presentation by Dr. Michelle Mazur — this post confirms a lot of what we talked about in class, in terms of how to best practice your extemporaneous speech. Stand up, say it out loud, and time it! Check out this post for some additional tips.

Links on how to be an engaged audience member:

  • Julian Treasure’s TED Talk on 5 Ways to Listen Better — some tips on how to be a conscious listener to the world around you (and your colleagues’ speeches!).

And finally, for everyone who’s finished their speech, here’s ‘Awesome Thing #296’:


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Watch + Critique

As we start our speech rounds, here’s something that will help you both prepare to give your speech, and prepare to critique your colleagues:

First, watch this (Tues/Thurs class, you’ve seen it already!):

and then read this: TED talk analysis: Ron Gutman “The Hidden Power Of Smiling”

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Happy Pi Day!

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Public speaking resources

It’s about a week or so before our public speaking rounds begin, so here are some resources to help you plan and practice your speech:

  • and finally, check out this TEDxFlanders talk on public speaking by Lars Sudmann

If you’re still looking for more resources as you prepare for your speech, feel free to check out the class blog for RCM 401: Oral Rhetoric — there’s even more links/videos available over there!

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Happy Belated National Grammar Day!

March 4th was National Grammar Day, and I missed it! Hopefully you celebrated good grammar with your family and friends yesterday — and will continue celebrating it throughout the year.

In honor of the occasion, I give you one of my favorite webcomics: 10 words you need to stop misspelling by The Oatmeal.

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Resources for week of March 5-9th

  • Research Paper Writing Skills by Simpson College — a comprehensive guide that breaks down the process of putting together a research report, along with tips on how to avoid plagiarism.
  • Research Paper Planner from the U of S’s University Learning Centre — a seven step process that will help you plan your report from start to finish.
  • and finally:

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