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Welcome back from Reading Week

Hopefully you all survived the infamous ‘Sasquatectwan Screamer’ that found us all at the end of our break. Can you spy the other typo? This picture is from a Spokane, Washington TV station.

Remember, this week is our library research session:

  • For Thursday’s section, we’ll meet at 11:30 in Murray Building 161
  • and for Friday’s section, we’ll meet at 1:30 also in Murray 161

Attendance is required for the sessions, and it should give you all some great tips on how to find sources for the final report, due at the end of the term.



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(keep in mind)

As you finish your job packages, remember:

Found on the Facebook page for the U of S University Learning Centre.

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Acing the Job Interview

As we’re finishing our course unit on job packages, here are some links to consider in regards to job interviews:

  • In an 2006 article by Feedstuffs: The Weekly Newspaper for Agribusiness, 339 agricultural employers were asked about their willingness to pay higher starting salaries for recent college grads who possessed certain attributes. For applicants who possessed “excellent interviewing skills,” their starting salary was $3000 more than those whose “interviewing skills need improvement.”  Applicants who possessed “excellent communication skills” had higher starting salaries of $8900. [PDF article found here]
  • From the Student Employment and Career Centre, here’s their Interview Guide.

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How to write a job-winning résumé

You’ve written a great cover letter, now onto writing a captivating résumé!  Here are some helpful links that will supplement the reading materials in the textbook:

  • 6 Words that Make your Resume Suck — I know, unfortunate word-choice in the title of the article, but there’s some good advice here on how to make your résumé stand out.
  • and here’s The Student Employment Career Centre’s Resume Guide. You may want to play with their Resume Builder — just be careful that you take the time to personalize your résumé so you don’t fall into the template trap!

If you would like to drop by my office sometime to show me a draft of your job package, feel free to come see me! I’m happy to offer advice on how your information is shaping up.

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Writing a cover letter

Here are some additional websites that will offer you some additional tips when it comes to writing a cover letter:

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