:) or :-)?

I wouldn’t advocate using emoticons in professional communication, but they are a part of informal online communication.  As such, here’s an interesting article I came across today, discussing an academic paper on the reasons behind why people use noses or not in their smiley emoticons.

Why do people put emoticons in their online communication? What purpose do these little faces serve?


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  1. John T.

    Today, people use online communication in a “fast” way. That is, everyone’s typing or texting in a way to get their point across as quickly as possible. If it comes to showing someone how exactly you feel talking about a subject, they would have to analyze the tone you’re taking while responding to or making a statement or question. I’d say that emoticons are used as a substitute for a long drawn out response that can paint a picture about someone’s personal feelings of a subject. If I’m ever giving someone a hard time, maybe a sarcastic joke at their expense, or even a harmless joke I’d throw in a “:P” just because it establishes that in no way am I being serious, or even am actually trying to be vindictive toward them.

    You always need to account for the interpersonal risk, right? 😛

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